Family (Home) Office

“Family office” is a hot buzzword in the financial services industry today. The financial complexity that comes with immense wealth demands financial advisers who can ably serve those with $10 million or more in investable assets–realistically, the minimum amount required to run a profitable family office. This high level of complexity means that few advisers are fully qualified to meet all the needs of the ultra-wealthy. Doing so requires an extraordinary combination of skill, knowledge, and experience in technical areas, as well as superb client relationship management abilities.

We have been working intimately with family office situations for over 20 years and provide answers to their complicated challenges–real solutions backed up by real expertise and real service. Many times the family office incorporates various entities as well and many generations of family. We consider each of these different entities from tax, compliance, planning, investment advisory, estate planning, and gift diagnostic perspectives. We also assist with the accounting, bill-paying, and expense management for each entity, as well as the ways in which each entity affects and is related to the other entities.

“I’ve used Larry’s professional services for many years and I have always found him responsive and competent.”

Barbara Bluhm-Kaul

Family (Home) Office Contacts