HCL Intern Program

Helping students with career choices

Attracting and retaining young talent is crucial to the continued growth and success of our firm. By acting as a sponsor for AISP, HCL will take a strategic approach to uncovering the best talent for our firm!

Our goal is to hire fresh talent with leadership potential. We have partnered with 5 other CPA firms across all spectrums of the accounting and financial consulting profession. The rotational program is only for 8 weeks each Summer. College interns will apply and will be selected to this unique program which offers actual hands-on learning; training on QuickBooks software, job shadowing and networking opportunities with our partners and staff.

It is eligible to accounting students currently attending a college or university who are entering their senior year, spring accounting graduates seeking on-the-job experience before interviewing for their first position in a CPA firm, and accounting students in their first year of graduate school. To learn more about this program please visit the AISP website.


The 2016 AISP Interns: (front row, l-r) Brandon Christopherson, Jack Kegermann, Chris Kincheloe, & Jared Arbus, (back row, l-r) Samantha Dalzell, Dana Goggin, Lauren Allen, Baylee Walters, Elisabeta “Becky” Broscatan, Emily Hadler & Rosanna Ingraffia.


2016 AISP Commencement.


2016 Interns on an industry tour with HCL Partner Julian G. Coleman, Jr.


2016 Interns QuickBooks training class at HCL. 


2015 Interns on a tour of Eli’s hosted by HCL.




  • must have a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average in their accounting courses
  • must intend on completing their 150 hour requirement in order to obtain CPA certification by the following Spring or before
  • must obtain a recommendation from at least one accounting instructor at the college or university he or she is currently attending

Essentially, what we are interested in creating is an opportunity to present our firm to the next generation of visionary leaders in the accounting field. It will give our firm a voice and opportunity to present our culture and the attractiveness of our firm to the next generations of industry mavericks.